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A key component of EzyStrut's range of cable management products is the wide range of tray systems. When cables are laid in a new electrical power, machinery or data/communications fit out, cable tray is generally the most popular choice by the electricians on site to both support and keep them organised. Trays provide an economical, fast, safe and easy to install alternate option to open wiring or conduit.

Cable tray is also popular as an option for forward project planning: It is much easier to lay new cables onto a tray system as the needs of a project changes over time, rather than have to pull them through a prior installed length of conduit pipe. EzyStrut manufactures and supplies light duty perforated cable tray and duct, through to medium and heavy duty 'laddertray' type products that rival the load bearing capacities of some cable ladders.

The EzyStrut range of trays offers you multiple side wall heights to choose from to support different cabling depths: From 20mm perforated bottom CT Tray, through to ET EzyTray, ET3 and ET5 which have side wall heights of 45mm, 50mm and 85mm, other customisable high sided trays, duct available in multiple sizes, and cable mesh in multiple sizes, EzyStrut has a tray type product to fit the required application. Load rated trays have their ratings published as maximum allowable loads per metre over a range of spans, more information is available on our Loads and Spans information page.

How to Choose a Cable Tray

Consider your required cabling width, depth, span and load to select a product.

ET EzyTray

Available FinishLoad per MetreCable Laying DepthSide Wall HeightLength Availability
Hot Dip Galvanised
Contact EzyStrut for Load Capability Information 40mm 45mm 3m

ET tray info thumbEzyTray is the most popular cable tray choice throughout Australian industry for general purpose electrical installations. Made from durable steel, EzyTray is a sensible choice, and in Australia has been used extensively for light industrial applications, shopping centre, or other office and commercial electrical fit outs. See the EzyStrut ET EzyTray Cable Tray / Cable Ladder 'How To' Poster for further information about how to assemble EzyTray onsite.


Available FinishLoad per Metre
Cable Laying DepthSide Wall HeightLength Availability
Hot Dip Galvanised
116kg/m over 1.5m
29kg/m over 3m
43mm 50mm 3m

ET3 CableTrayGThe EzyStrut ET3 is a very highly regarded electrical cable tray in the industry, and offers high performance in both commercial and industrial applications. The ET3 is strong but remains versatile and very easy to install. However, like the ET5 below, it has been designed with a visually attractive form so it can still be used in environments where the product will remain visually exposed. See the EzyStrut ET3 / ET5 'How To' Poster for further information about how to assemble ET3 onsite.


Available FinishLoad per Metre
Cable Laying DepthSide Wall HeightLength Availability
Hot Dip Galvanised
227kg/m over 1.5m
60kg/m over 3m
78mm 85mm 3m

ET5 Cable trayGThe ET5 is the ultimate in cable tray systems, offering comparable performance to a light duty cable ladder, whilst providing continuous support of cables. The ET5 provides the best performance in Australia and offers greater load capability over a larger span when compared to other trays, and a side wall height of 85mm. Like the ET3, it is visually appealing and clean looking, and complemented by a full range of accessories. See the EzyStrut ET3 / ET5 'How To' Poster for further information about how to assemble and work with ET5 onsite.


Available FinishLoad per MetreCable Laying DepthSide Wall HeightLength Availability
Hot Dip Galvanised
Zinc Plated 
109kg/m over 1.5m
27kg/m over 3m
54mm 64mm 3m
Stainless Steel 109kg/m over 1.5m
27kg/m over 3m
50mm 60mm   3m

EM cable meshGEzyStrut's EzyMesh provides premium performance in both commercial and light industrial applications, but has become one of the most popular choices for installing computer network cables, as cables can be dropped in and out of the product as required. Plus, as it can be conformed to almost any site requirement, it is very flexible, and can work its way in and around a project as needed. Strong, versatile and easy to install, EzyMesh is complemented with all the accessories you need. Lengths can be created into bends, tees, risers and crosses to suit the required application. See the EzyMesh Assembly Guide for more information about working with EzyStrut's EzyMesh Cable Mesh, or learn more about its capabilities.

20mm Perforated Cable Tray

CT Perforatedcable trayGMade from sheet steel, the perforated 'CT' tray has holes continuously punched along the length to provide maximum airflow to cables. All sizes are manufactured with 20mm return sides and are taper folded to enable slide together easy installation with additional lengths, or pre-made fittings such as bends, tees, crosses, or risers.

Customised High Sided Cable Tray

high sided articleEzyStrut offers High Sided CT Cable Tray that can be made to order in a variety of size, profile and thickness combinations to support the load you need. The product is strong, and can be used where extreme weather means that extra strength is needed in the support system. It can also be made in a variety of materials or finishes to cope with a range of corrosive elements.

Cable Duct

CD Cable DuctGClip on Lid Cable Duct is the most popular and widely used duct product available. Offering quality and consistency, with in built splice ends and a spring fit lid that provides fast installation and access, it is also complemented by purpose built fittings that can be used for both horizontal and vertical transitions when using equal size ducts. EzyStrut also offers a Screw on Lid system, offering all the benefits of the Clip on Lid system, with the added security of screw fixings, at nominal 1200mm centres.

Some components of the range also have slots or perforations in their design to make it easy for you to tie down your cables onto them.

Tray type products are easy for the electrical installer to work with: Putting a bend, tee, cross, riser into or joining multiple lengths of cable tray together is an easy job that can be done onsite using accessories such as splice plates for joining, radius plates which allow you to make a range of bends with different radiuses, TX brackets for tee or cross connections, or riser links that allow you to make both internal or external risers. Laddertrays and ventilated/perforated trays are also available with covers to protect cables from falling water or dust if your project demands. Learn more about working with the range of EzyTrays here

It does not matter if it is a lighter duty requirement with lots of smaller cables such as a computer network or telephone exchange, medium to heavy duty power or machine cables, EzyStrut staff can help and are trained in demonstrating the products. Rest assured that if you need short or long spans, need to manage heavy or light weight cables, with side loading or conventional capabilities, we will be happy to help.

et3 and duct installation 2
ET3 and Duct installation: These products can be installed both horizontally and vertically to work around your project needs. 

Cable Tray Picture Gallery

cable duct install3

Cable Duct installed

cable mesh install3

Cable Mesh

tray vertical2

Vertical installation of ET3

ezytray bend done2

Sweeping Bend in EzyTray

ezy bend5

Making a bend and attaching a radius plate

ezytray installs2

EzyTray installed supported by a trapeze system, hanging from the ceiling with threaded rod 

The range of EzyStrut cable tray products is manufactured as standard using Pre-Galvanised Steel to AS1397. Other finishes are also available on some products: