Cable Support Systems

Cable Tray Systems
Perforated or rung style design trays with fittings and accessories to work around different sites
Cable Ladder
Steel, Aluminium, and FRP ladder lengths offered with multiple fitting designs
Cable Mesh
A complete mesh solution with tailored accessories to support cables on commercial or industrial sites
Cable Duct
A choice of clip or screw on lid designs, complemented with fittings to work around site requirements

EzyStrut’s cable supports are designed to provide easy to install cable management for multiple types of sites and to work around the needs of the project manager. The EzyStrut systems come in a range of profiles, depth and load capabilities to suit the needs of installers working on commercial, industrial, mining or other types of sites.

When selecting a product, it is important to consider the required load as well as cabling depth and width. Products such as cable trays are manufactured from one piece of steel with no welds and provide continuous support along their lengths; cable ladders are an excellent choice for supporting high volumes of heavyweight cables over long distances; ducting is suited to inside installations such as commercial buildings; and cable mesh provides brilliant flexibility to installers working with lots of cables on complex sites where they need to be able to drop cables out the product anywhere along its length. Other factors such as the level of corrosion resistance needed depending on the environment where the product is being installed should also be considered, as this will define your final material choice.