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Fast turnaround on covers for power cables in a range of locations…

Safety is the most important factor to consider with any electrical installation: If you are installing cables or lengths of conduit in a location where they must be protected from the weather, damage or unwanted access, a steel cover or guard offers an appropriate solution. They will give you complete piece of mind knowing that your installation, and the people around it are safe.

EzyStrut carries all relevant industry sizes, and can easily produce large volumes very quickly, even when they need to have customised specifications.

covers and guard pipe on pole

Cable Protection Covers

These covers come in two versions – those intended for general use, or for the protection of mains cables. The most notable difference between them is the material thickness. Whereas a general protection cover is made from 1.6mm thick steel, and offers excellent protection against weathering or smaller animal activities such as pecking or clawing, a mains cable cover is designed to provide greater protection for high voltage cables and is formed from 3mm thick steel.

cpc and mcc cover application

A standard cover is available from 25x25mm up to 150x100mm dimensions, in lengths that range up to 2.4m. Mains cable covers range from 34x34mm up to 100x50mm, with lengths from 25.5cm up to 1.2m, but are designed to be used in series, and come with an option to have one end capped. This enables you to cover all the length you need by placing them together in series over the length of your cable or conduit. All covers come with holes already made for installation, and by standard EzyStrut hot dip galvanises them to meet AS4680.


Cable guards are commonly used to prevent unwanted human or animal access and generally provide strong physical protection for cables or conduit installed in areas shared with the public. This includes installations on external walls or power network poles.

cable guard install

A quick to commission, but trusty and resilient product to protect conduit is EzyStrut’s guard pipe which is made from strong steel, and features tabs drilled for M10 fasteners for installation. It suits most industry standard conduit sizes from 20-63mm, and is a fast, safe and economical option for external installs.

guard pipe examples

Other cable guards have a square profile, and generally conform with power pole widths. Made from 3mm thick steel, they can easily be installed with splices and come in depths of 70 though to 130mm, so there is a flexibility depending on how much space you need. If you need to protect conduit that is coming up from underground, the cable guard with foot gives you the necessary interface with the ground.

guard with foot install

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