CT Cable Tray

CT Cable Tray
Straight length, 75-600mm cabling width
CT Cable Tray Bend
Put a 90° bend between 2 lengths
CT Cable Tray Tee
Join 3 lengths in a T shape
CT Cable Tray Cross
Join 4 lengths in a cross shape
CT Cable Tray External Riser
Change the level of your cabling in a 90° external vertical bend
CT Cable Tray Internal Riser
Change the level of your cabling in a 90° internal vertical bend

The CT cable tray is continuously perforated, and made from 1 piece of material. It provides a solution for installers who are looking for an economical support option, only require a shallow cable laying depth or need a low profile system, but still from a product that maintains excellent load bearing capabilities. The pre-made fittings designed for it allow for the fast creation of a simple but reliable and flexible cable management network around most types of commercial and industrial sites.

The perforations in the tray’s design provide maximum airflow around the cables, and also help to secure them with cable ties. The tray is easily joined to additional lengths or its fittings with taper folded edges which allow it to be slid together smoothly, and then fastened through the holes in the base. 

Cabling widths available with the CT system range from 75-600mm.