ET EzyTray Cable Tray G

ET EzyTray Cable Tray G

Product Details

Cable Laying Depth 40mm
Side Wall 45mm
Cable Laying Widths 150-600mm
Standard Length 3 metres

EzyTray is a sensible cable tray choice for all general purpose electrical cabling installations in both commercial and industrial environments. 

The tray offers support for cables with ladder style rungs. EzyTray offers 40mm cable laying depth, with 150-600mm widths over 3m lengths. 

Normally made from durable pre-galvanised steel, EzyTray is used extensively for office fit outs, shopping centres and light industrial electrical applications. However, hot dip galvanised versions of the EzyTray are also available for long lasting corrosion resistance when required.

EzyTray is a cable tray that has been designed from the start to be lightweight and easy to install, and is complemented by a full range of accessories to enable fast on site fabrication of tees, risers, bends and crosses.

Manufactured to the following AS standards:

  • Pre Galvanised to AS1397
  • Hot Dip Galvanised to AS/NZS4680, ISO1461

Technical Details

Download cable tray and accessories datasheet from the catalogue.

Ordering Details

Ordering CodeCable Laying Width W (mm)Cable Laying Depth (mm)Overall Width (mm)Side Wall Height (mm)
ET150G 150 40 150 45
ET300G 300 40 300 45
ET450G 450 40 450 45
ET600G 600 40 600 45

Available Finishes

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