Electrical and Plumbing Support System Design

A unique approach to product design, customisation and support…

With our design resources, we can help you choose a product load capability, material finish, or learn more about how to work with support products.

EzyStrut uses innovative and smart design practices. We design our products to be easy to work with and offer a solution for most types of electrical or plumbing projects with our shelf range. The entire range of EzyStrut products are designed to work together to provide a total site wide solution.

However, with our team of engineers, we can easily customise our product designs to create something new and unique to fulfil a specific need. Lean more about our Custom Project Capabilities.

We design new systems and processes constantly and work to make sure that our products, and support information and tools are easy to understand. That’s why we came up with our special Load Calculator tool, which is designed to help you choose a strut, cable tray or ladder product based on the Load per Metre capability that you need.

We offer superior levels of support and information, and our Customer Service staff are versed in this too.

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