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The widest range of AS/NZS3013:2005 compliant Fire Rated Cable Support Solutions...

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Design Profiles
Materials and Finishes

EzyStrut was the first company to offer an AS/NZS3013:2005 Fire Rated cable support system in 2010, and since then our range has grown and developed to solidify our position as having the strongest and most efficient to install solutions that provide the best value to project managers.

EzyStrut understands the needs of installers working on projects that are required to have AS/NZS3013:2005 compliance for the products used in them: They need products that offer reliability, effortless installation, options for different loads and spans, multiple widths and depths, and proper assurance of compliance with the stringent standard.

We do not just offer you one product with one load or span with one profile. We offer you lots of options for fire rated tray to offer continuous support for cables, mesh for ultra flexibility, and ladder for high volume, heavy weight cabling. You can learn more about the differences between these options here. Our Australian engineering team can work with your site requirements to design an appropriate solution for your needs.


The current Australian standard for mechanical performance under fire testing for electrical system components. All EzyStrut Fire Rated Cable Supports are certified to AS/NZS3013:2005 Appendix C Classification WS5X (2 Hours) with a peak temperature of 1050°C. 

AS/NZS3013:2015 certification is only achieved by abiding by the installation information provided.

Design Profiles

EzyStrut Fire Rated cable supports come in 3 main design profiles: Sinlge, Twin, and Double Stack.

3013 design profiles


Here is an easy comparison between the loads, widths, depths, and profile types of our Fire Rated (FR) parts.

(kg per m)
Widths (mm)
FR7 7.5 150-300 44 Mesh
FR12 12.5 150-300 78 Tray (ET5)
FR15 15 300-600 44 Twin
FR20 20 150-300 43 Tray (ET3)
FR20 20 150-300 78 Tray (ET5)
FR20 20 150-600 45 Ladder
FR25 25 300-600 78 Twin
Tray (ET5)
FR26 26 150-600 83 Ladder
FR40 40 300-600 78 Twin
Tray (ET5)
FR50 50 150-600 45 Ladder
FR60 60 150-600 83 Ladder
FR70 70 150-600 101 Ladder
FR100 100 150-600 101 Ladder
FR100D 100 150-600 x2 45 x2 Double Stacked
FR114D 114 150-600 x2 83 x2 Double Stacked

Materials and Finishes

By standard, EzyStrut Fire Rated components are manufactured from steel, and are hot dip galvanised after fabrication to meet AS4680:2006. This gives them a strong, all over coating of zinc that is metalurgically bonded to the parent steel, and means that the product is protected against corrosion in most outdoor environments.

Tray can also be fabricated from pre-galvanised steel, which has a visually clean appearance, and is ideal for inside installations where
the product will be visually exposed.

Handy Info

EzyStrut’s fabrication services (EzyFab) can assist with arranging for powder coating of all products, as an optional, additional finish, to provide any colour necessary for design reasons, as well as special matte black to prevent reflections on the steel if the product is being installed in an environment such as a road tunnel.

fire rated cable ladder tunnel app


All testing of EzyStrut Fire Rated Cable Supports is carried out in accordance with relevant loading, and AS/NZS3013:2005 requirements.All results are independently certified by a NATA accredited facility.