Custom Project Capabilities

As well as an extensive shelf range, EzyStrut can offer tailored solutions to your project with our specialist fabrication capabilities…

It is our strong belief that we have built an enviable reputation as a supplier within the construction industry by delivering everything that is requested from us to projects on time and within budget. We genuinely care about maintaining this reputation as it is the cornerstone to our business both at home in Australia and internationally.

We will always work to exceed the expected level of service, reliability and flexibility because we see that as critical in looking after our customers. That is why if you require a customised component, you can be assured we are here and are ready to help you.

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It is important to note that as well as our standard ranges and sizes of most products, we can offer customised versions to meet special requirements that you may have for your site and support needs. With the latest CAD programs in design technology, highest possible quality materials and standard adherence, and a comprehensive knowledge of industry trends, EzyStrut can respond effectively to the most demanding project requirements.

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EzyStrut is properly positioned to meet anything the Australian or International construction and engineering markets demand across multiple industrial sectors.

We always welcome your technical drawings and take-offs for quotation, and our engineers can work with you to help achieve the best possible outcome for you with our products on your site. Our seamless workflow promotes a cohesive production schedule through our tailored production planning, shift management and our multi skilled workforce, hence ensuring that we meet and exceed any challenge of all the largest and most complex projects within their respective industries.

Our custom fabrication staff can also help with making other light steel items to add value to EPCMs and ease to a project that may be outside of our main product lines, such as specially designed mounts and stands for industrial electrical components.

Let EzyStrut work with you on a tailored solution for your next unique project. You will be impressed by what we can come up with in partnership together.

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In this example pictured above, EzyStrut produced a large quantity of 2 piece pipe supports to suit a 2.4m wide pipe. We worked with the design and specifications supplied by the customer, and produced the large clamps to their size and load capability, as well as mounting and installation requirements. We also consulted about helping it to have the most consistent galvanising coating to ensure a long service life.

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This is an example of a customised ladder fitting, you can read more about it as well as other special fittings on our blog entry here.

Other examples of EzyStrut's custom capabilities include special surface treatments: For cable ladder installations in major water and chemical treatment facilities, EzyStrut has, at the request of project engineers, developed special material finishes/chemical coatings for the products to resist specific corrosive elements that are found in high volumes on those sites.

EzyStrut can also arrange special powder coating or painting of any products for coloured architectural use, building service organisation, or to meet certain requirements for minimising material reflectivity.

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