EM2 Cable Mesh (65mm) S

EM2 Cable Mesh (65mm) S

Product Details

Material Stainless Steel
Side Wall 65mm
Cable Laying Widths 60-600mm
Standard Length 3 metres

EM2 Cable Mesh provides premium performance in commercial and light industrial applications.

Strong, versatile, and easy to install, EM2 is complimented by all the accessories you need. Bends, risers, tees and crosses can be easily fabricated on site, by making a few simple cuts to the mesh and applying the relevant joining and bending accessories. 

The distinctive wave wire allows for added strength, but reduced product weight, making EM2 easier to carry, able to support greater loads and resistant to damage in transit.

Technical Details

Download our Mesh Cable Supports brochure.

Ordering Details

 Sold per 3 metre length.

Ordering CodeWidth (mm)Height (mm)
EM26065S 60 65 C
EM210065S 100 65 C
EM215065S 150 65 C
EM230065S 300 65 C
EM240065S 400 65 C
EM250065S 500 65 D
EM260065S 600 65 C
A Usually in stock at all branches
B Usually in stock at head office
C Normal lead time
D Made to order (lead time on enquiry)

Load Rating & Deflection

Ordering CodeProduct Weight (per 3m length)SWL (kg/m) Span 1.5mSWL (kg/m) Span 2.4m
EM26065S 2.01kg 12.8 5.0
EM210065S 2.19kg  28.7  11.2 
EM215065S 2.58kg 25.3 9.9
EM230065S 5.16kg 54.0 21.1
EM240065S 5.82kg 60.2 23.5
EM250065S 7.23kg 57.1 22.3
EM260065S 9.39kg 54.0 21.1
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