Cable Mesh Capabilities

EzyMesh Cable Mesh is a high performance, easy to install and versatile cable support product that can support a range of cables in different applications...

Cable mesh is a metal wire basket style cable support product that is designed to be installed in a range of different environments and work around any obstacle on a project site as required by the installer. 

EzyStrut's EzyMesh is offered in a range of materials, including pre-galvanised, hot dip galvanised, zinc plated and stainless steel. EzyMesh has a standard cable laying depth of 54mm (50mm for stainless steel), and widths that range from 150 through to 600mm.

100mm cable laying depth cable mesh is also available, as well as larger side wall heights on request as made to order.

Installing mesh is a very easy process: The product is complemented with its own range of cantilevers and trapeze supports, however it does also work fine with conventional 41mm wide strut, and can be cut and bent into risers (vertical bends), horizontal bends, and also fabricated into tee or cross style connections with easy to attach bolt joiners. Connecting lengths together is also easy with the product's own side and bottom joiners, which help you make strong and secure joins. 

Mesh is often used to as a system to manage high quantities of data cables around very complex and high-tech sites such as server rooms or telephone exchanges. A clever accessory, the Drop Out for EzyMesh, allows installers to remove cables from mesh with a smooth radius and prevent unwanted sharp bends or kinks which could damage and hamper the functionality of sensitive sorts of cables such as network or fibre optics.

EzyStrut cable mesh is load rated to a maximum allowable load per metre over specific spans. Specifications are available on the product pages, but you can also learn more about this topic here.

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For more information about installing, cutting or joining EzyMesh lengths we have put together helpful guides available from our branches, and they can also be found in our catalogues. For a more detailed comparison between cable mesh and tray systems, have a look at the tray introduction here

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