Using Channels and Accessories

A lot of the time when installing fittings and other products onto channel, you'd use a channel nut to help fasten them into place...

The channel nut's spring allows you to have very easy and highly precise placement of it anywhere you need along the length of a 41mm wide channel section by holding the nut itself securely in place while you install your accessories or cable/pipe support components. 

Also known as a 'spring nut', it acts as your 'third hand', and allows you to place a channel (aka 'strut') fitting or accessory anywhere that you want along the length, and permits total freedom to adjust positioning before tightening and securing in place.

stainless steel fasteners

Channel nuts are easy to install with their rounded ends that allow for easy insertion into and rotation within the strut itself. If you are working with 41x41mm channel, EzyStrut channel nuts with a long spring will do the job, or if you are working with 41x21mm, EzyStrut does also offer shorter spring versions as well. They are made available either in galvanised, zinc plated, or stainless steel. 

inserting channel spring nut

Rotating the channel nut 90° into place is easy and its serrated grooved edges will help keep it tight against the top of the strut, preventing any unwanted movement or rotation.

nut rotated

Here are some examples of using channel nuts to install fittings:

Using the E1026 fitting to make a right angle connection between 2 lengths of 41x41mm channel is easy. After the first channel nut is inserted, place the fitting, and secure in place with a washer and hex bolt.

attaching fitting stage 1Secure the second length of channel, and fasten in the same way.

attaching fitting stage 2Tighten all bolts, and you're done.

attaching fitting stage 3

EzyStrut has a wide range of fittings to allow you to join multiple lengths of channel in many ways, such as straight, around a corner or other shaped junction as a part of the flat plate fitting range, at an angle, in a 'U' shape, and can also custom make specific types of fittings if required.

Below is an example of 2 lengths of strut being joined in a straight connection with the E1065.

straight strut fitting

Cable trays and ladders are generally secured onto 41mm channel using special hold down units: These are secured onto the channel in a similar way as fittings with the use of channel nuts.

channel nut in channel small