Plain Channel
41x41mm, 41x21mm, or 41x61mm Steel, Aluminium, or FRP Plain Channel/Strut in 6m lengths; Stocked in standard or ribbed profile versions
Slotted Channel
41x41mm, 41x21mm, or 41x61mm Channel/Strut sections with 28.5x14mm slots punched along the length at 50mm centres
Combination Channel
Channel/Strut Combinations in Back to Back style as well as multiple other combinations
Concrete Insert Channel
41x41mm or 41x21mm Channel/Strut sections with lugs to allow for insertion into concrete
Channel Closures
Top and End Cap Channel Closures

EzyStrut supplies lengths of 41mm wide channel/strut with a choice of thicknesses, heights and materials.

Channel provides an ideal mechanical support frame for a range of applications, and is a great starting point for installing electrical cable or pipe management systems. It can be provided in plain style, slotted with evenly spaced slots along its length, or in a range of different welded combinations. Other variants allow for easy installation/securing of the product into concrete.

Materials include steel, with a range of corrosion resistance treatments, aluminium, and FRP.

Accessories such as covers, end caps or retainers enhance the possibilities of the product, and help with installation.