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I take a real joy in the beauty and design aesthetics of the EzyStrut products. They are machined with precision, and designed to be components of major architecture projects while also offering the strength and piece of mind required for heavy industrial applications.

Steve Palmer National Building Services Manager


At EzyStrut, we are always striving to be ahead of the curve with innovation.

With the face of architecture continually evolving and designs becoming increasingly dynamic we believe that cable and pipe support systems should not lack presence. We have the capability to customise and create products that can become important design elements of an architect’s concept for a project.

We have seen a large increase in the number of exposed ceiling applications where a 'semi industrial' aesthetic is presented to the client and quite often successfully, hence today’s requirement for a more visually attractive solution from support systems manufacturers.

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EzyStrut has an unrivalled contingent of drafting, engineering and design experts who can assist architectural firms with these cutting edge designs. We can effectively re-work an existing product or manufacture from concept to achieve the desired result when working with an architect or consultant.

Having an intimate understanding of our products we can often put forward concepts that truly add value to the architect’s submission.

Products & Quality

Products that are often required in semi industrial style applications include:

  • Smooth edged tray to eliminate shadowing from lighting.
  • Increased metal 'spangle' offering a shinier finish.
  • Pre-fabricated reducers to improve the look of ladder tray sections where size is reduced.
  • Pre-fabricated bends, tees and crosses to again improve the overall look of crossover sections and hallways.
  • Pipe clamps and HVAC support systems colour matched to the building services they are supporting.

powder coat white tray

EzyStrut offers architects a complete array of opportunity and innovative concepts with our precision manufacturing and material finish expertise taking into account corrosion and appearance requirements for a project.

If you are considering an exposed support systems project then engage EzyStrut to assist you by contacting your nearest office for more information.

Case Study: SAHMRI

The SAHMRI is a $200 million medical research facility, funded by the Government of South Australia, and designed to be a world leader in its field.

World class scientific facilities need the best in building materials, and EzyStrut was able to provide quality cable supports to facilitate the entire electrical installation, not just to work as a part of the architect’s design, but for high precision research and IT equipment.

Colour & Design

Colour can be an element of the visual design of any architect’s work, but can also be used for coding or to help differentiate services, to prevent unwanted reflections from steel, or to make certain elements stand out as a striking feature.

EzyStrut’s #1 priority for a finished product is corrosion resistance. That’s why our products by standard are made with durable galvanised steel, finished with a clean looking, smooth appearance.

However, for extra shine, we can offer materials with an electro-zinc finish.

Powder coating offers a similarly smooth and even coating of virtually any desired colour, useful for colour coding, or as a design element. EzyStrut’s powder coating capabilities don’t stop there: We can provide a standard gloss, or a non-reflective matte look to eliminate any possibility of reflections on the final piece.

powder coat colours

Case Study: Adelaide Oval

For the Adelaide Oval, EzyStrut supplied over 450 lengths of powder coated white cable tray.

The tray was carefully colour matched to work with the interior design of the new $535 million world class sporting arena in South Australia.

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