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Determine the best material for your installation's environment with our handy comparison chart...

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When deciding what material to choose for your products, you should think about what chemicals, if any, they may have contact with. Our chart is designed to present easy recommendations about the use of certain materials with some common chemicals found on project sites.

However, there is more to it than this. Sometimes you may need to make an aesthetic choice, or colour match some powder coated products. You can learn more with the product materials linked to on the left.

David provides a great summary in this video:

Material Finish Choice Chart

ChemicalHot Dip GalvanisedAluminiumStainless Steel Grade 304Stainless Steel Grade 316Fibre Reinforced Plastic
Benzene NA R R R NR
Carbon Tetrachloride NA C R R C
Gasoline R R R R C
Hydrochloric Acid 40% NR NR NR NR C
Hydrochloric Acid 10% NR NR NR NR R
Hydrochloric Acid 2% NR NR NR NR R
Hydrogen Peroxide 30% NA R R R C
Hydrogen Peroxide 3% NA R R R C
Hydrogen Sulphide (Gas) NA R C R R
Mineral Spirits NA R NA NA NR
Motor Oil R R R R R
Nitric Acid NA C R R C
Phosphoric Acid 2% NR C R R R
Sodium Chloride 25% C C R R R
Sulphuric Acid 2% NR C NR R R
Deionised C R R R R
Sea C C R R R
Tap R R C C R

R: Recommended 
C: Conditions Dependent
NR: Not Recommended
NA: No Info Available

You can also download this chart here.

Note: Our Corrosion Chart shows the likelihood of a particular material being suitable for an environment with a certain chemical present.

Used in conjunction with field tests and inspecting actual environmental conditions, the Corrosion Chart should assist in determining which materials and finishes can be selected to avoid high levels of corrosion.

However, information displayed in the chart can be used as a guide for comparison only, as subtle variables can influence the performance of these materials under certain conditions.