Core Values

EzyStrut is a business that maintains its integrity and sticks to its core values…

When dealing or working with EzyStut, you will experience our commitment to our core values first hand. They are at the heart of how we drive our business forward, service our customers, deal with our suppliers, and work within the environment around us.

Customer Needs are #1

It may sound like something that is said a lot in business, but to us it is important and truly means something. We want to be the solution provider at the front of every customer’s mind, so with every decision we make when dealing with anyone, we will always ask ourselves “Is this the best that we can do for the customer?” And then do whatever else may be necessary so we can honestly say to ourselves “Yes.” “Is this the best we can offer in service, quality, delivery time and value?” We always want to answer positively. Our service includes honest, well trained staff who understand the needs of the market we are in. They are committed to working with customers and finding a solution with them.

On larger projects, our dedicated team works hand in hand with customers with consistent contacts from early quoting, product selection and any custom designs, through to delivery and support.


EzyStrut is ISO14001 Certified. In manufacturing, and in all areas of our business, we are committed to conducting ourselves responsibly, and ensure we continually improve in being environmentally friendly. We are conscious of our neighbours, and the greater environment we interact with. To continuously improve in our commitment to being environmentally friendly, we undergo a range of tests and monitoring. We reduce and reuse what we can, and monitor our emissions and review our conditions to maintain compliance. Waste is removed through registered contractors, and we work together with the EPA.


Everything we supply will meet the relevant Australian or International standards that it is required to. Our raw materials, processes, and what we supply is throughly monitored to ensure that it meets these standards, and that it is fit for purpose. This is a part of our commitment to ensure that our customers can work effectively with the best possible products.


EzyStrut believes that all of our staff members have the right to a safe and healthy workplace. All staff are responsible and accountable to carry out their jobs safely, and report on any hazards. We have a staff culture in our business where people look for ways to improve from a safety perspective in everything that they do. Also, we believe that our site and products must be safe for customers so they can work without hazards.

Being an Australian Business

Notice that graphic at the top our our website? We do manufacture in Australia, and have supported Australian jobs for over 30 years. We will continue to contribute to, and remain a major part of the Australian business landscape.

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Developing key long term relationships with both our customers and suppliers is important to us. We want our customers to keep coming back, and equally we want our suppliers to be ready and wanting to work with us. We are open to communication and are down to earth and honest to deal with.


Sometimes, things change. It is the nature of modern business. We want to be as flexible as possible with our customers, and we want, and are ready to impress by meeting their needs no matter the challenge. This is important because it is part of our commitment to service.

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