Cable and Pipe Support System Products

Cable Support Systems
A range of different profile components, offering a solution for a wide variety of loads, volumes, spans, and installation locations
Fire Rated Cable Supports
Click to download our complete catalogue covering the current range of EzyStrut Fire Rated Cable Supports
Seismic Solutions
EzyStrut can guide you through the process for ensuring your project is AS1170.4:2007 compliant
Pipe Support Systems
Products for installing any size, weight or material pipe from light duty plumbing, through to specialist industrial projects
41x41mm, 41x21mm, and 41x61mm profiles in a range of materials and thicknesses, made in plain, slotted, combination and other variations
Every type of fastener you could ever need for your EzyStrut installation and more
Plain and slotted varieties in a range of industry standard sizes
Cantilever Brackets
Strong load capabilities, with varieties designed for installation onto channel or other surfaces
Trapeze Brackets
High strength, designed to work with our range of tray systems
Beam Clamps
Secure your EzyStrut installation to a beam with our strong and easy to install clamps
Channel Rollers
2 or 4 wheel variety with working loads from 22kg to 44kg
Flat Plate Fittings
Fasten to and join multiple lengths of channel at straight or different directions
Angle Fittings
Fasten to and join multiple lengths of channel at different angles
U Fittings and Base Plates
Provide a solid base for your channel installation, or strong fastening solution
Channel Joiners & Hangers
Easy means to join and intersect lengths of channel or to hang your greater installation
Cable Covers
Covers designed to protect mains and general purpose cables
Cable and Conduit Guards
Guards to provide protection from external forces or unwanted access to cables or conduit
Cable Clamps & Fittings
Install a range of different cable and conduit quantities and sizes safely