We maintain an in house Engineering department to give you an assurance of smart design, quality and reliability in our products…

We believe that our Engineering department sets us apart and adds real value to any type of project. Our engineers fulfil a number of roles in our business, including:

Innovative Product Design

To specifications that are required from a standards and safety point of view, but also to try and make our products more attractive in the market by responding to load, safety and ease of installation demands.

Testing and Quality Control

All of our designs are tested to industry standards, but if your project requires conformance with a particular international standard, we can often arrange testing or modification as required. Our engineers often carry out standard compliance and capability tests on products as well as arranging independent tests to offer you greater assurance.

Design of MTOs

Sometimes, you need an MTO product to fulfil a support requirement on your project. That is no problem for EzyStrut’s engineers who can listen to your needs, and design something that will meet your load, size, corrosion resistance and other needs you may have. They work around you.

Advice and Consultation

If you need further technical advice on how to use one of our products on your project – big or small – we can offer it. We can help solve problems and advise you on how to ensure that your installation will meet required standards that you may have.

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