Fibre Reinforced Plastic

FRP Strut and Cable Ladder Products are the choice for applications that call for high strength in highly corrosive environments...

EzyStrut offers a complete range of FRP Strut and NEMA 2 Cable Ladder

Fibre Reinforced Plastic has strong corrosion resistance characteristics against a very wide range of substances and is ideally suited to environments containing sulphuric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acid. The product is lightweight, non-corrosive, and manufactured to relevant safety standards.

FRP is made from the combination of fibreglass reinforcements and thermosetting resins. Since being introduced, this modern material has gained wide acceptance for its superior technological benefits and is presently used all over the world. Pultrusion is the process where glass fibre (roving) is continuously pulled through a liquid resin bath until it reaches a heated die at the end of the production line. Here the resin is solidified into the different profiles according to the various moulds.

This continuous process provides higher strength resulting in a reinforced structure which is capable of withstanding heavy loads. FRP works well in environments that are damp or where they are exposed to salt air for prolonged periods of time such as marine/coastal locations.

Stainless steel cantilever brackets are recommended for use with FRP cable support products, and stainless steel fasteners are supplied with accessories such as splice plates and hold down units.

E1000FRP ChannelNEMA 2 FRP Cable Ladder
E1000FRP Thumb N2 L FRP Thumb

FRP Channel/Strut products are the best choice for strut when you need to install a product in a highly corrosive or damp environment, but also need to rely on a high strength to weight ratio. For more information on load capability over spans, see the E1000FRP Product Page.

EzyStrut's FRP Cable Ladder is tested in accordance with NEMA Standards. The ladder is lightweight, non-corrosive, non-conductive, and easy to transport and install. For more information on load capability over spans, see the N2LFRP Product Page.

  • E1000 Profile 
  • 41x41mm 
  • 4mm Material Thickness 
  • 6m Long
  • 50kg Per m over 6m/114kg Per m over 4m 
  • 67mm Cable Laying Depth 
  • 102mm Side Rail Height 
  • 6m Long

Benefits of using FRP Cable Support Products

Corrosion Resistant
FRP is suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions.

Lightweight and Durable
FRP's lightweight allows for easy transport, handling, and installation.

Cost Effective
High resistance to corrosion, and lightweight transportation can result in total life-cost savings.

High Strength to Weight Ratio
High glass content maintains superior strength and continuous reinforcement gives our pultruded FRP products extremely high strength and stiffness while maintaining a very low weight.

Low Thermal Conductivity
FRP will not build up high levels of heat when under direct sunlight or other strong heat sources.

Non Conductive
EzyStrut FRP complies with international electrical safety specifications, having no sharp edges which could damage cables. The material is also nonmagnetic, and cannot interfere with radio waves.

Fire Retardant
EzyStrut FRP products are manufactured to the following standards:

  • ASTM E84 CLASS A Standard for Surface Burning
  • BS476 Part 7 Class 1 and Class 2 Building Standard for Flame Retardance
  • UL94 Flammability Standard
  • IEC 60695 - 960ºC Temperature Flammability Index
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