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EzyStrut offers pipe support solutions for virtually any size or material pipe, with a comprehensive range of clamps, saddles, U bolts and more that are available for plumbing needs, fire protection or HVAC installations, as well as gas, chemical and water treatment plants. Our pipe support products are produced and distributed from modern and capable facilities. See the full range.

Shelf Range 

The shelf range of pipe clamps offers support for copper, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PPVC (Pressure PVC), CPVC (Chlorinated PVC), steel, HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) and other pipes of virtually any required size, as well as a range of insulated/vibration dampening and low/high temperature clamping solutions. You can be sure of their published capabilities, being made with industry standard material thicknesses, and tested to a working load safety factor of 3:1.

With the range of 41mm wide strut systems and pipe support accessories, EzyStrut can provide a suitable starting point for installing your pipework. For general plumbing applications, stand off and other wall mounted brackets or support accessories are generally used.

For HVAC installations, strut with the aid of threaded rod to make a trapeze can be used in the support of air-conditioning ducting.

For most plumbing applications, EzyStrut offers powder coated, zinc plated, or hot dip galvanised clamps. Normally, a powder coat brown clamp is used for copper pipe, white for PVC and PPVC, black for HDPE, and zinc plated or hot dip galvanised for steel pipes. Often, the colour is chosen to match the pipe when products are being installed inside or in moderately corrosive areas. You can learn more about selecting the right finish with the helpful video in our Media Centre.

plumbper installing e8 clamp

The standard range of pipe clamps includes one piece band clamps, pear hangers suitable for a number of applications including fire sprinkler pipe, light, medium and heavy duty saddles and two piece clamps that are supported by threaded rod or link plates, insulated or yoke clamps, and pipe fixings for CPVC supports.

e3 pear hangers supporting steel pipe

A popular choice for most installations is the two piece strut clip, also know as the E5. This steel product comes in two parts, and is inserted into a length of channel either side of a pipe, conduit or cable, before the fastener is tightened. It is easy to install, and reliable.

If you are looking to secure multiple lengths of conduit, the ECBC Conduit Beam Clamp is a good option, and can offer support for multiple lengths of conduit at different angles, on a range of different beams. Recently introduced, it has become a popular and widely accepted easy to operate conduit support solution.

While we offer all of the shelf range as standard in the most commonly used finish, most products are also offered in stainless steel as well, for installation in corrosive environments.


A ferrule is used in a pipe clamp often to provide insulation to a pipe that is being secured. EzyStrut has multiple size ferrules available both in timber or polyolefin foam. As well as being made sustainably from recycled waste, polyolefin foam ferrules offer several other advantages to the installer:

  • Labour and Time Saving Installation with a supplied foil tape for easy and fast installation.
  • Excellent Thermal Performance being rated 130% more efficient than wood.
  • Compliant with C1.10 Fire Hazard Properties
  • Moisture Resistant being non-hygroscopic (meaning they do not absorb moisture) and will not rot.

Slides and Guides/Gas Risers

EzyStrut offers powder coated brown gas risers for copper pipe and hot dip galvanised for steel pipe. The range is offered to support both light and heavy duty needs, and is comprehensive enough to include both floor and wall mounted anchors, as well as options for kits with ferrules.

Heavy Duty Applications 

For heavier duty applications, outside of the range of heavy duty saddles and two piece pipe clamps which offer material thicknesses of up to and beyond 12mm, EzyStrut offers single and double style steel pipe rollers, heavy duty U Bolts, and now pipe shoes. 

Designed for heavy industry, chemical plants and mine sites, pipe shoes can be custom engineered and fabricated for any nominal bore pipe, and designed with a base and reinforced materials as necessary for virtually any pipe mass. They can also be rubber lined or insulated. The designs are highly customisable for the needs of the end user, can be modified to allow for pipe movement, and offered with an option for installation with or without guides. You can learn more about them here.

Pipe Sizes

Pipes, and hence pipe clamps are measured with the Nominal Bore (NB) and Outside Diameter (ØD). We have put together charts of the different pipe materials and the relevant sizes here.

The pipe support range is available in multiple Levels of Protection against environmental corrosion. 

Hot Dip Galvanised to AS4680:2006
Stainless Steel Grade 304 or 316 to AS1449/AS2837
Zinc Plated
Powder Coated

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