Quality Assurance

EzyStrut is committed to maintaining a reputation for product and service quality...

We have an objective to provide all our products to a standard that meets your requirements for reliability, quality and function.

EzyStrut operates a Quality Management System that complies with ISO9001, which is a standard that requires continuous improvement across all levels of the business.

The company is committed to continually improving all processes in manufacturing, storage and distribution. To the end user, this means better products, made from higher quality materials, manufactured to higher standards, handled with proper care, and delivered when needed.

Our conformance with this standard is independently certified by QCSE in Adelaide.

Likewise, most of our product specifications, such as loads per meter for cable support equipment or conformance with certain building or safety standards for example, is independently tested by a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) certified facility. Our in house engineers also regularly test samples of all products and check up on our processes.

EzyStrut is open to the cooperation and involvement of all internal and external stakeholders in striving toward ever improved product quality. 

quality assurance