Cable Mesh

EzyMesh Cable Mesh
150-600mm width, 54mm cable laying depth, 64mm side wall, 3m lengths
EzyMesh Cable Mesh 100mm
150-600mm width, 100mm cable laying depth, 110mm side wall, 3m lengths
EMHD Hold Down Bracket
Secure your EzyMesh
EMS Side Joiner
Join 2 lengths
EMT Trapeze
EMBCS Cutter
EMWB Wall Mount
Secure your EzyMesh to a wall
EMSB Bolt Joiner Kit
Use to help fabricate bends, tees, and crosses
EMSC Bottom Joiner
Use to help join lengths of EzyMesh, secured underneath
EMC Cantilever Bracket
EMDO Cable Drop Out
Smoothly drop cables out of mesh
EzyMesh Stand-Off Brackets
EzyMesh Universal Bracket
Versatile bracket for installation of EzyMesh
EzyMesh Strut Clip
Easily secure EzyMesh to channel

Cable mesh is a flexible cable support solution for complex sites. Using the product’s own accessories, mesh is easily directed where it needs to be around multiple obstacles. It is also useful as cables can be dropped in and out anywhere along it, and has become a popular option for installers of data cables in complex areas such as server rooms.

Cabling widths range from 150-600mm, and the product offers a 47mm cabling depth.