ET5 Cable Tray

ET5 Cable Tray
Straight length, 150-600mm cabling width
ET5HD Hold Down Unit
Secure your ET5
ET5RL Riser Link
Fabricate risers/vertical bends
ET5S Splice
Join 2 lengths
ET5 Divider Strip
Separate groups of cables
ET5RP Radius Plate
Fabricate horizontal bends
ET5TX Tee Cross Bracket
Fabricate T or Cross shape connections
ET5SHB Side Hanger Bracket
Suspend ET5 from threaded rod

The ET5 is a strong cable tray that gives the installer cabling depths of 78mm. Available widths range from 150-600mm, and the product is supplied in 3m lengths.

Similar to the ET3, the ET5 is formed from 1 piece of material, and is engineered for superior strength over different length support spans. – Its load capabilities rival those of some cable ladder systems, and it is still able to provide continuous support of a whole range of cables.

Accessories for the ET5 allow you to fabricate bends, risers, or make tee and cross style connections easily on site and join multiple lengths together quickly.