The Strength to Support Innovation…

The electrical and plumbing industries do not stand still; therefore no components that they utilise should either. As a company, we believe that a comprehensive range is important. Combine that with premium quality, competitive pricing, consistent reliable support and an international distribution system you could say we are addressing every need.

However, we believe there is one other important aspect to our business that sets us apart: The fact we are not afraid to innovate and come up with new ideas with the end user, the customer, in mind. When we develop new products, a priority for us is efficient installation. We genuinely want all our products able to be installed quickly, easily, securely and to be trusted when the installer walks away from them.

That is why when we develop a new product, we ask ourselves:

  • How can it be stronger to support greater loads?
  • How can it be installed faster to save time for the installer?
  • How can it look better if it is being installed where it could be seen?

We want to add value to your job economically, and save you time and effort but maintain high strength and reliability with what we supply to you.

Our Engineering division based at our head office in SA use the latest in CAD software to model and test products. They are always scoping for improvement, and actively source installers' feedback.

Our designs are not stuck in the past. They are continually improving to become better for you, but still maintain the quality and reliability that has helped to build EzyStrut’s reputation.

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