EzyTray Cable Tray

EzyTray Cable Tray
Straight length, 150-600mm cabling width
ETHD Hold Down Unit
Secure your EzyTray
ETRL Riser Link
Fabricate risers/vertical bends
ETS Splice
Join 2 lengths
ET Divider Strip
Separate groups of cables
ETRP Radius Plate
Fabricate horizontal bends
ETTX Tee Cross Bracket
Fabricate T or Cross shape connections
SBH & CNH Splice Bolts

The EzyTray is named for a specific reason: It is remarkably easy to use, fabricate bends, risers, tees or crosses onsite, and install in its final location.

The tray is lightweight, dependable and engineered from one piece of steel.

Cabling widths available with the EzyTray range from 150-600mm, and the tray gives you a 40mm cabling depth.