Customer Service

Being easily found and contacted is one thing, but having professional and knowledgeable customer service staff is another…

EzyStrut offers localised, personable and committed service and advice to ensure that you get the products you need for your installation and complete your job efficiently and with confidence. We know that our customers need contacts who are approachable, have a strong understanding of the products they are supplying, and offer all necessary service to help them before, during and after the delivery of components to the project site.

Everyone needs confidence in their suppliers and we will always go the extra mile to ensure you have confidence in us.

As a company, we truly enjoy problem solving. This is also a skill that is held by all our staff. They have construction industry familiarity, often with actual practical experience, and are there to offer help in using our products to create a solution for their customers’ projects. They generally have years of practice in not just determining the correct off the shelf components, but also in recommending a customised design when it may be necessary for your needs.

They all undergo regular training in:

  • Our products and their materials
  • Relevant quality and industry safety standards
  • Delivering professional service
  • and a whole lot more to help benefit you

Another important point to make is that our staff are local. All of our customer service staff who answer your requests are based at their local branches, which also double as our warehouses. You are welcome to visit us, or alternatively, our knowledgeable reps on the road can come and visit you when needed, and if necessary provide a demo on working with a product or consultation about the best material finish to choose for it after considering the environmental factors of your job site.

customer service

So give us a try. We love engaging with new people, and we'll gladly help you achieve plenty of goals with every one of your future projects!

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