Optus LTE Mobile Network

Explore the Optus LTE Mobile Network project by EzyStrut

Over 700 Custom Mounts

  • Project Introduction

    Visionstream, a design constructions and maintenance services company is a trusted partner to Optus for civil and services work in the deployment of its LTE (Long Term Evolution) mobile network. The project involves civil and services upgrades to over 1,200 existing Optus mobile sites and for new sites across Australia. Works include radio design, site acquisition, site design, construction, installation, commissioning and optimisation of the Optus mobile network.

  • Diverse Products and Locations

    With over 30 sites supplied in 12 months, this project has been one of the most diverse in the types of brackets and stands used. With every site having different specification and installation methods, our engineering and procurement team have worked extensively and closely together to cover both the design element of the product and ensure a lean supply strategy of the diverse range of raw material required to manufacture the end product.

    A key play maker has been EzyStrut’s project office that maintains constant communication with the client and expedites products through the supply chain until the product is delivered on site on time as required by the contractors.