ET3 Cable Tray

ET3 Cable Tray
Straight length, 150-600mm cabling width
ET3HD Hold Down Unit
Secure your ET3
ET3RL Riser Link
Fabricate risers/vertical bends
ET3S Splice
Join 2 lengths
ET3 Divider Strip
Separate groups of cables
ET3RP Radius Plate
Fabricate horizontal bends
ET3TX Tee Cross Bracket
Fabricate T or Cross shape connections
ET3SHB Side Hanger Bracket
Suspend ET3 from threaded rod

The EzyStrut ET3 cable tray was developed to provide superior strength, and have an attractive visual form. It offers a 43mm cabling depth, up to 600mm widths, and comes in 3m lengths.

The ET3 is formed from 1 piece of material, and can support greater loads than other trays with similar cabling depths because of the strong metal used to make it, and its unique structural design engineered to enhance its strength for both short and long spans. Furthermore, its smooth appearance and high quality control throughout the manufacturing process makes it an attractive choice for inside installations, but as it is strong and durable, it remains a good option for industrial or other demanding sites as well.

The ET3 uses accessories designed for it to fabricate fittings to work around site needs as well as to join trays or change the cabling level.