National Desalination Plants

Explore the National Desalination Plants project by EzyStrut

Helping to secure water for Australia's future

  • $10.5BN

    Total Project Values
  • 4

    State Desalination Plants
  • 5 Year

    Project Commitment
  • 20+

    Year Project Lives
  • First

    Major use of FRP Cable Supports in Australia
  • Global

    Project Recognition & awards
  • Project Introduction

    • Pt Stanvac, SA
    • Wonthaggi, VIC
    • Sydney, NSW
    • Gold Coast, QLD

    • Simple and economical solutions devised with off-the-shelf products
    • Material coatings devised to guarantee strength against corrosive elements in the desalination process
    • EzyStrut engineers on-site for consultation before, during and after construction
    • Continuous delivery targets met over 5 years

    Water is a precious resource, and a continuous, reliable supply is vital to any nation. State governments around Australia have commissioned new desalination plants and with them sought suppliers who could deliver reliable products within tight construction deadlines. Between them, the four plants have a daily output capacity of over 1,500 megalitres, volume reflected in their size and component requirements.

  • New Solutions from Established Products

    The nature of a reverse osmosis desalination plant means that strong criteria in cable support strength and resistance to a wide range of substances was required at each project.

    Whereas designing a new system to cater for each individual specification and experimenting with ideas could have been costly to the clients, EzyStrut’s engineers were able to create a support structure that economically met all the necessary stringent requirements for each project.

    FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) cable ladder was used to create a network around the requirements of the sites. They themselves were supported by stainless steel components.

    EzyStrut’s Engineers also developed a new chemical composition for central aluminum cable ladders used on the sites: Normally aluminium is highly resistant to most chemical substances, but some additional protection was needed to ensure its performance around certain chemicals used in the desalination process.

  • Economical without Compromise

    All in all an economical, but certified reliable solution for cable supports around the new desalination plants was achieved through the clever use of off-the-shelf products. EzyStrut’s national warehouse footprint was also beneficial in supplying products to each site as and when required: This aided the contractors in their on-site product storage requirements.