What does EzyStrut do?

EzyStrut manufactures cable and pipe support systems and distributes these through wholesalers and direct to project managers as well as electrical and plumbing contractors all over Australia and the world. For a more in-depth look at the range click here.

What does 'working load' mean?

Working load refers to the safe amount of load that a product can be put under. Normally it is referred to in kilograms (Kg). The working load is usually calculated by dividing the maximum load by a nominated safety factor.

What about 'load per metre'?

Different to a total working load, some linear products have a maximum allowable load per metre that they can be put under. A determining factor in this is their support span.

Are your steel framing components comparable to Unistrut's?

Yes, our channels and most of their fittings, as well as a number of other types of our products are comparable in size to those from Unistrut.

What is your commitment to the environment?

You can find out about the Korvest Ltd group's commitment toward different aspects of the environment here.

What are the markets that EzyStrut Cable Support Systems cover?

EzyStrut's cable support systems are designed to meet the needs of the industrial and commercial electrical industry.

What are the markets that EzyStrut Pipe Support Systems cover?

With its pipe support range, EzyStrut covers the industrial and commercial plumbing segments, mechanical services, air conditioning, refrigeration, gas heating and spares, fire protection services and backflow prevention.

How do you easily assemble an ET3 or ET5 cable tray network?

Download the ET3 and ET5 'How To' store poster for diagrammatic instructions, alternatively these can also be found in our catalogues or online here.

How do you easily assemble an EzyTray cable tray or NEMA cable ladder network?

Download the EzyTray and Cable Ladder 'How To' store poster for diagrams, you can also find information on our product pages online or in our videos.

What about Cable Mesh? How do I fabricate a bend, tee, cross, or riser?

Instructions for making assemblies with lengths of cable mesh are available in Section 6 of the EzyStrut Cable Support Catalogue. You can download that specific section by itself here.

What are the best material finishes to choose for your cable or pipe support products based on specific environments?

We've got a helpful Material Choices/corrosion resistance comparison chart, as well as material info pages which should help you make a decision that you can access here.

I want to undertake some training in your products. How can I do this?

There is a great online training system. Speak to any of our CSOs at our branches about getting access to undertake the courses. Alternatively, take a look at this video to see how to setup and account and get started.

How do I become a distributor of EzyStrut products?

Simply contact us, and lets have a chat about it.

Do you have a distributor in New Zealand?

Yes, Steel & Tube is EzyStrut's New Zealand distributor.

How easily can you supply to project sites outside of Australia or the Pacific Region?

Very easily! We have formed an international projects division (our 'task force') who can travel on short notice to visit and asses your project needs. We are always keen to get involved at the early stages of a project to give you the best solution and service possible.

I need a customised fabrication or a bit of a modification of something from your range. Can you help?

We sure can! We have a dedicated MTO fabrication facility and there is a strong chance that we can work with our engineers to design, test and supply what you need. If you call one of our customer service staff, they'll be happy to assist.

What is NEMA/what does it stand for?

National Electrical Manufacturers Association. This association is comprised of USA manufacturers, however, the construction and electrical industries in Australia and New Zealand usually consider NEMA publications as a guide in installing cable support equipment. You can learn more about NEMA on their website.

What does N1, N2, N3 and N20C mean?

These are the load capabilities over specific spans for cable ladders in accordance with the relevant NEMA publication. Ladders with higher load capabilities normally also have deeper cabling depths.

How do I choose the correct piece of Channel/Strut for my needs?

Consider your required load, level of corrosion resistance, span and height to width. You can view our range of Channel/Strut products online here, or, download the EzyStrut Strut & Accessories Selection Guide.

What is the relationship between Pipe ØD and NB?

They are both types of measurements. Have a look at our Pipe Diameter charts to understand the relationship between ØD (Outside Diameter) and NB (Nominal Bore) for different pipes and the materials they are made out of.

Do you offer custom Powder Coating options for your products? 

Yes, we can offer Powder Coating in a range of colours for most products to suit both technical or architectural needs on most projects.

What pack quantities do your channel nuts, bolts, beam clamps and threaded rod come in?

Channel nuts: 100
Bolts: 100
Splice Bolt and Nut Kits: 40
Beam clamps: 20
Threaded rod: 10

strut and cantilever brackets installed
Stainless steel strut and Cantilever Brackets installed on an industrial site