EzyTray Cable Tray Installation

Oct 10, 2013 | , , | 0 Comments


A new EzyTray installation example to show you. In this photo the installer has cut the cable tray to work around other items in the site and has secured the tray to the wall with slotted strut. Horizontal lengths are supported by slotted strut acting as a trapeze which are in turn supported with threaded rod. 

The installer has also taken advantage of the slots in the trays rungs to secure bunches of his cables to. - In this case more cables could be installed, as the tray allows for 38mm laying depths. 

Ultimately, this shows the versatility of the ET type products: You can run the vertically up a wall, horizontally when supported by a trapeze or cantilever, and can cut and bend the the product as required. 

Don't forget if you need to keep bunches of cables separated on the tray, its easy with the EzyTray divider strip. 

For more info see EzyTray, or for some similar products with different laying depths and rung styles check out the ET3 or ET5