Working with EzyTray (also known as EzyStrut's ET, ET3, or ET5 Cable Tray)

Jul 13, 2012 | , | 0 Comments

EzyStrut's EzyTray isn't called 'EzyTray' for no good reason... it is remarkably very easy to work with when you are out on a job. The EzyTray range of cable tray products provides outstanding on-site flexibility in terms of its application: Bends, Tees, Crosses and Risers can all be created with the help of a few simple cuts to the tray and the full gamete of accessories available at EzyStrut, allowing the installer to snake their cable work in EzyTray around, over or under various obstacles onsite with a minimum of fuss. To form a bend in the tray for example, all you need to do is perform some cuts into the one side rail of the EzyTray.

The cuts should be dropped between the rungs of the tray. When the cuts are made, the tray can be easily opened up to form a 90 degree turn. To replace the now cut and spread side rail, the intelligent radius plate product is used. Simply cut the radius plate to the length required and bolt it to the open side of the EzyTray, reinforcing the bend. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry, EzyStrut staff are always ready to show you how to use the products.

If the situation calls for an external or internal riser (that is, bending the tray at a right angle up or down) the process is very similar. This time, you’ll need to apply some cuts into both sides of the tray. After making those cuts, simply bolt in some EzyTray riser link plates to direct your tray upwards or downwards. As for tees and crosses, use of the EzyTray 'TX' (Tee/Cross) brackets is recommended. Again, cut and remove the desired width of side rail from your EzyTray and the TX brackets can be bolted onto another length of tray to reinforce the junctions of your tee pieces or cross pieces. All of these accessories are available in either pre-galvanised or hot dip galvanised, so all possible bases are covered – check out the EzyStrut Cable Supports catalogue for further details, or simply contact your local branch for further information.