Organising Cables with Cable Clamps

Jul 13, 2012 | 0 Comments

Sometimes on a large job, you can end up with a lot of cables on a tray or ladder, which can be difficult to arrange. One way to keep cables in separate groups when laid on one of these is with divider strips. However, if you want more organisation for your cables on a tray or ladder, or need to manage your cables across pieces of strut for example, EzyStrut also offers cable clamps. These are particularly useful for small groups of cables that you need to organise in and around a complex area and can be supported by standard 41mm strut. The E5 Cable and Pipe Clamp is available in an 8mm to 230mm diameter, or for multiple cables, you can use the ETF Trifoil Clamp (to clamp 3 cables from 20-91mm); the EQF Quadfoil Clamp (for 4 cables from 20-91mm); or the EK Cable Clamp for cables from 14mm to 76mm. EzyStut also offers rubber isolation strip for use with cable clamps.