A Visually Appealing Cable Tray

Jul 22, 2012 | | 0 Comments

The ET3, and its bigger brother the ET5 cable trays are strong, versatile, easy to install while also being visually appealing for when your cable supports are exposed and going to be seen. The ET3 (height 47mm) and the ET5 (height 85mm) are both available in Pre-galvanised or Hot Dip Galvanised steel, and are also extra safe with no sharp edges that could damage cables. The cable trays are also complemented with a full range of accessories allowing for bends, tees, crosses and risers to be fabricated quickly on site. ET3 and ET5 are also manufactured to Pre-galvanised AS1397, Hot Dip Galvanised AS4680:2006, and ISO1461. All of these features allow the ET3 and ET5 ultimate performance with higher load capacity and greater spans compared to other cable tray systems for commercial or industrial installation and they are now the highest regarded cable trays in the industry in Australia.

Flat, peaked, or peaked and vented covers are also available from EzyStrut for the ET3 and ET5.