ETRL Riser Link G

  • Weight: 0.05 kg
ETRL Riser Link G

Material Specification

6 Riser Links required to perform a 90 degree set.
Order fasteners separately for installation (per riser link):

  • 2 x SBH
  • 2 x CNH

Product Details

Riser Links are used to create a riser or vertical bend in a length of EzyTray.

A full range of EzyTray accessories are available to complement the system and provide easy on site fabrication.

EzyTray accessories are common for all tray widths and can be used to make tees, risers, bends and crosses.

Application Example
Internal Riser
cable tray internal riser construction

External Riser
external riser tray demo

Technical Details

Download cable tray and accessories datasheet from the catalogue.

A Usually in stock at all branches

Available Finishes

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