CT Cable Tray SS

CT Cable Tray SS

Product Details

Side Wall 20mm
Cable Laying Widths 75-600mm
Standard Length 2.4 metres

EzyStrut perforated cable trays are the strongest in their class with 20 mm return sides on all straight lengths, providing optimum strength and performance.

Made from durable pre galvanised sheet steel as standard, straight lengths can also be made to order in hot dip galvanised and stainless steel, or aluminium for special applications.

Ordering Details

Ordering CodeWidth (mm)Height (mm)Length (mm)Weight (kg)
CT75S 75 20 2400 1.53
CT100S 100 20 2400 1.69
CT150S 150 20 2400 2.21
CT225S 225 20 2400 3.16
CT300S 300 20 2400 3.68
CT450S 450 20 2400 6.83
CT600S 600 20 2400 8.82

Order fasteners separately for installation.
M6 x 10 screw & M6 flanged nut
Ordering code WIZ

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