Swish Sales Coaching

Feb 23, 2024 | 0 Comments


Congratulations to the members of EzyStrut’s sales teams who have just completed the Swish Sales Coaching intensive Bootcamp on the Gold Coast!

SWISH Sales Coaching is a multi-award winning ethical online sales training and communication coaching organisation, whose mission is to create more authentic, relationship-driven and meaningful connections between consultants and prospects, businesses and their employees and even individuals and their friends and families. The Bootcamp on the Gold coast took place over three days, teaching our staff to better connect with their clients and maintain ethical standards during the sales process.

Left to Right in the photograph above is Andrew Volkman (NSW), Scott Auld (QLD), Kylie Elsley (NSW), Corinna Hamilton (NSW), Amanda Scully (VIC), Kynan Pearson (QLD) and Raquel Barham (NSW).

We thank all our delegates for taking time away from work and home to attend the Bootcamp and trust that the event was entertaining and informative!

Click here to find out more about SWISH Sales Coaching.