Strut Material Thickness

Dec 28, 2012 | 0 Comments

Some of the different channel/strut products from EzyStrut are manufactured with different material thicknesses: The E1000 (41mm high), E3300 (21mm high), and the E5500 (61mm high) products made from steel are made with a wall thickness of 2.5mm. The only exception to this rule to remember is that the FRP version of the E1000 uses 4mm thick FRP material in its manufacturing.

The ribbed strut range, which consists of the E2000 (41mm high) and E4000 (21mm high) profiles, have a material thickness of 1.6mm. The E2000 and E4000 can also be supplied in aluminium, and in their cases whether you choose a steel or aluminium version, neither choice will effect the wall thickness of the product.

These specifications also apply to the slotted and combination versions of all of the profiles' products.