New Power Networks Products and Stronger Steel Ladders

Apr 13, 2015 | 0 Comments

We like to develop new products that can offer real added value to electrical or plumbing installations on a range of sites, and continue to address the diversifying need for different types of apparatus. That is why we have launched several new products, including cable and conduit protection components, mounts and stands, as well as a new, stronger steel cable ladder.

To assist power network system installers, we have come up with several types of cable protection covers. A mains and general cable protection cover, with varying lengths, and material thicknesses of 1.6 and 3mm, depending on the strength required. They offer protection for, and prevent unwanted access to dangerous electrical cables. You can learn more about them here.

Similar to this, are cable and conduit guards: They are meant to offer protection for electrical cables installed outside on walls or power networks poles. They are easily installed with EzyStrut fittings, and come in 3mm thick hot dip galvanised steel and protect cables that could otherwise be exposed where they could be accessed by the public such as where they could be within reach on a power network pole. An alternative is the conduit guard pipe, which can be installed easily because it has pre-welded tabs. Find out more about these products on their category page.

EzyStrut has also had involvement in supplying instrument/components mounts and stands. We have developed an efficient way to make these of any required height, and can pre-weld other EzyStrut products to them to help the end user with fast installation. They are able to be sized up to support any instrument or for 1 or 3 phase power outlets depending on what is needed at the time.

Finally, a new product we are very pleased with is the NEMA 20CE4 cable ladder. This is a new steel ladder based on our 20C that uses an enhanced rung that means it has the capability to carry very high loads over longer spans. Its working loads, up to 347kg/m exceeded the NEMA 20C requirements. However, as it is based around the EzyStrut system it is still easily installed with our accessories and fittings. There are 5 sizes, ranging from 150mm up to 900mm wide. More info about this new, innovative ladder system is available here.