MTO Channel Combinations at Lightning Speed

Dec 08, 2015 | 0 Comments

We like to set ourselves apart by providing solutions for any installation to you quickly. Sometimes this can be achieved with straight forward variations on standard products, some of which we keep on the shelf, others we can do easily as an MTO for you. A simple but very useful example is combination channel, a popular item where 41mm wide channel sections are supplied in ‘back to back’ combinations, spot welded together. Generally, this is readily available, and is very useful for applications where you need to install channel and have an opening on two sides.

If you need more than two openings, or openings at multiple angles, we can help by making you MTO combinations. With these, we can produce channel combinations that are welded side by side, back to side, or in all manner of groups of varying quantities. No idea can be too complex. They can be a solution provider to sort out a complex installation problem quickly, without taking up much space, and help to avoid any unwanted modifications to your project. Check out some examples here.