EzyStrut COVID-19 Customer Update

Mar 18, 2020 | 0 Comments

18 March 2020


Dear Valued Customers,

As the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic develops and businesses adapt to change, the Korvest Board and EzyStrut senior management have implemented many actions to minimise the impact from both a health and safety perspective and to maintain business continuity and service delivery.

This message is to notify you as a valued customer of EzyStrut the current and near-future changes that will occur. As you can appreciate this situation is fluid and things are changing constantly. We will endeavour to keep you updated as information becomes available.

The key message from Korvest – EzyStrut is “Business as usual – with additional safety measures”.

Supply & Price
As per our previous notifications Korvest - EzyStrut manufacture the majority of our product right here in Australia and are fortunate to be in a strong financial position, with a good stock holding across our national businesses of key product lines and raw materials. As the COVID-19 issue has developed, our team have been busy keeping up to date with our supply partners and updating our customers of any potential change that could affect their business. Over the recent weeks we have received some relevant updates from our raw material supply chain which consists of both local and imported lines. Below are the key points:

  • EzyStrut Supply: Through adapting our raw material supply chain we do not foresee any delays at this stage for key products that will affect our customers.
  • EzyStrut Price: We are quantifying the impact to our prices. Imported lines are affected by delayed shipping and a weakened AUD. Local suppliers are increasing prices to ramp up production and meet increased demand. It is expected that EzyStrut will soon announce an interim price adjustment to be effective by the end of May.

Health & Safety
In addition to our internal actions around social distancing and increased hygiene, the actions below have taken into account the health and safety of not only our people, but that of our customers and suppliers:

  • Hygiene: All dealings will follow recommended social distancing procedures - 1.5m apart, handwashing and respiratory hygiene
  • External sales: EzyStrut representatives will not be making routine sales calls, however, they will be available for face-to-face meetings when necessary with prior approval from management – during this time our preferred method of contact will be via phone, email or conference call.

  • Local Deliveries: POD as full name and phone number rather than using sign on glass technology.

  • Pick up: POD as full name and phone number rather than sign on docket – facilities available for handwashing, hand sanitiser available at reception and counters.

We thank you for your continued support.

Should you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.