Custom Fitting Designs for Cable Ladders

Apr 14, 2014 | 0 Comments

custom fitting 5

An inherent advantage of the cable ladder as a choice for managing a project’s electrical cable network is that you can quickly install pre-made fittings, normally by simply bolting them onto the straight lengths. Commonly, these include items such as bends, tees/crosses, reducers or risers (designed to change cable laying levels).

What is less well known is that because the cable ladder is quite a simple, but innovative product, it is easy to engineer unusual or customised fittings to work around lots of layers or obstacles (such as vital building services or structures that cannot be moved) on a construction site, or fabricate complex junctions of ladder easily.

These can be made to work with most cabling widths and depths/heights, and can often work with multiple widths in one fitting. The engineering process also allows for these customised fittings to be appropriately load tested to ensure they are going to meet project requirements in this area. Similarly, it is also possible to make these out of most common fabrication materials, be that steel, aluminium, or FRP.

custom fitting 2bcustom fitting b

Here is Nathan from EzyStrut SA showing some examples.