Quality, Testing and Support

Dec 19, 2013 | 0 Comments

EzyStrut continues to set the benchmark in industry for supply and reliability. We offer support not just for your cables and pipes, but for you too: We are always happy to offer this from project conceptualisation, down to on time delivery and when you install onsite.

We are committed to product quality and reliability at all levels within the organisation. We work to stringent quality management systems. We continue to invest time in the development and ongoing improvement of all products lines.

That is why we test our product designs so rigorously: Our cable support products for example, are tested in line with the methods described in the relevant NEMA (National Electrical Manufactures Association). Furthermore, all of our published loads per metre for trays and ladders are also certified by an independently accredited NATA facility.

Our Engineering team also closely monitors not only product manufacturing but the material finishing too, to ensure that they meet the relevant standards for corrosion resistance. Hence you can rely on EzyStrut materials when they are installed.

We also like helping out with some of the smaller things, like showing you how to use some products: Our staff are always keen show you how our products work. A new online resource for this is working with channels and accessories available here.