Powder Coating Products

Aug 14, 2012 | 0 Comments


Steel strut, cable and pipe support components can be supplied in powder coated versions. These products are available in a range of colours, and choosing the colour is generally based on your application.

Pipe clamps such as E1s, E3s, E5s and others are often available in different colours depeneding on the their application and the type of pipe that they are being used to support. For example, powder coated brown clamps are often used to support copper pipes, or, red pipe clamps and hangers are normally used to support fire suppression sprinker networks. White coloured clamps are often used for supporting PVC or Pressure PVC. At the same time non-coated, zinc plated or hot dip galvanised clamps can be used on uncoloured steel pipe.

It can also be useful to powder coat cable tray and other electrical cable support products, either to work with the colour design of the building that they are being installed into for aesthetics, or for the purpose of organising different types of cables. In the below example, these trays are powder coated both white and electrical orange for the purpose of cable organisation around this switchboard.