New High Sided Cable Trays

Mar 12, 2015 | 0 Comments

We’ve made some new additions to our cable tray line. What is unique about these new products is that they can be customised easily upon order with a range of profile, width and height combinations. They have a perforated base style design and come in 3m standard lengths. Upon ordering you can specify the type of profile you need, such as straight, with a flange, or with a return flange by adjusting the part number, as well as specifying a customised side wall height and cabling width. There are lots of different combinations available that allow you to get the exact size required for your needs. What is also useful is that they come in different material finishes, so there is again a choice between visual appearance and corrosion resistance characteristics. They are truly highly customisable to work with your needs, and specifying what you need is easy as well with the straight forward ordering codes.

Learn more about them here.