New Fire Rated Cable Mesh, Trays and Ladders

Oct 13, 2014 | 0 Comments

There is an exciting new lineup of products in the cable support market in Australia: EzyStrut’s new range of Fire Rated Cable Mesh, Tray and Ladder systems. Developed by EzyStrut’s own in house engineers, the new systems are independently tested to comply with Standards Australia AS/NZS3013:2005 Appendix C WS5X Classification and offer load capabilities up to 100kg/m. They are an excellent product choice for a range of projects requiring AS/NZS3013:2005 compliant cable supports such as tunnels, mine sites, or commercial buildings. 

What is particularly noteworthy about them is that they offer higher load capabilities over longer spans when compared to similar products. – This is an important point as it means that installers can install the same amount/weight of cables but not have as many installation points along the length of the installation as would have been required otherwise.

EzyStrut’s new Fire Rated Cable Mesh offers installers flexibility as cables can be dropped in and out of the product as needed, and load capabilities range from 7kg/m up to 15kg/m over a 1m span. EzyStrut was able to offer greater load and width capabilities with a special twin style design for the FR15. Mesh is offered in 3m overall lengths.

The part numbers for the products are easy to remember and specify: They start with an FR for ‘Fire Rated’ and then a number representing the maximum load rating per m. Over 10 product intervals, EzySturt has an FR7 (7.5kg/m) up to and including the FR100 (100kg/m).

Another special product in the updated range is Fire Rated Cable Tray systems, again offered in 3m overall lengths and structurally enhanced to meet the AS/NZS3013:2005 standard. The trays are a great option for installers seeking continuous support of cables along their installation, offer a deep 78mm cable laying depth, and provide flexibility with installation requirements with a choice of 1m or 1.5m trapeze support spacing. This is of particular significance as it means that if high load capability is required, it can be achieved with shorter support spans created with closer trapeze supports. Or, lighter loads can be supported with longer support spans giving the option for a faster, more economical installation with less fixing points. The trays themselves are based on a design to minimise deflection. Total cabling widths of up to 600mm and loads of 40kg/m can be achieved with EzyStrut’s FR40 Fire Rated Cable Tray, but, there is also a range of lighter duty options.

What is also clever about these systems is that they do not take up a lot of space to install, and are a great choice where they may need to fit in tight ceiling spaces.

Finally, the new Fire Rated Cable Ladders by EzyStrut offer more load capabilities per metre than ever before over longer spans, and is an ideal choice for industrial areas, tunnels, or mine sites. The new ladder ranges start with the FR50, which over a 1.5m support span can support 50kg/m, and offers cable laying depths of 45mm and widths of up to 600mm.

Similarly the FR60 and FR70 offer 60kg/m and 70kg/m load capabilities with depths of 83 and 101mm. The new FR100 by EzyStrut is a new double stacked cable ladder design able to cope with 100kg/m, and provide 2 ladders each with 45mm cabling depths and widths of up to 600mm. All Fire Rated cable ladders are offered in 3 and 6m lengths.

This new range update has solidified EzyStrut’s position as having the most comprehensive range of AS/NZS3013:2005 compliant support equipment, and can provide a support solution for fire rated cable management to any industry, with a greater range of widths and loading requirements.

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