Oct 18, 2013 | 0 Comments

frp supported by cantilevers

Here is a photo offering a new example of a NEMA 2 FRP Cable Ladder installation. The two horizontal ladders are held down onto and supported by stainless steel braced cantilevers (in this case the CB4s). 

The vertical installation is being held down onto stainless steel strut secured to the wall. 

Remember, both FRP and stainless steel ladders are a great choice for installations where there are very corrosive elements present. All FRP accessories such as splice plates and hold down units are supplied with stainless steel fasteners. 

The FRP version of the NEMA 2 ladder offers a cabling depth of 67mm and widths that range from 150 up to 900mm. EzyStrut's NEMA 2 FRP meets the load specifications of the NEMA 16A standard. 

FRP is a lightweight but strong and durable product to install. Learn more about the FRP NEMA 2, it's fittings and accessories here