Multiple EzyStrut products working together

Jan 07, 2014 | 0 Comments

multiple ezystrut components

Here are lots of EzyStrut components working together supporting different parts of a project. This project includes both electrical cables and different types of pipe that all required management on site, and this was a case where EzyStrut was able to offer a total solution to meet every cable and pipe support need that the project had.

Heavier duty cables are supported by ladder at the very top, and tray is being used to support some small to mid size cables. In this project, EzyStrut also supplied pipe clamps suitable for the copper, steel, and HDPE pipes. Our clamps are offered in the relevant sizes for each of these pipe materials. All components are themselves secured with strut and threaded rod which EzyStrut also offers in a variety of sizes. However it is not just that EzyStrut has all the components that were required in the correct materials and finishes: It is our expert staff who know the electrical and plumbing industries who were able to offer start to finish advice and support wherever needed that really helped make the process easy for the installers.