Keeping Cables Safe and in Place

Dec 01, 2014 | 0 Comments

When you are laying cables onto any support product, it is important to secure them and keep them in place, so that they cannot be moved around or damaged during their service life. To help with this, a simple, but smart feature of most of the linear EzyStrut cable support products such as tray, mesh, or ladder is holes or slots in their designs that are intended to help make it easy to secure cables onto them with cable ties. Perforated trays such as the CT system allow you to do this easily with the holes in the tray’s design, and products such as the EzyTray range all have slots punched into their rungs which allow you to easily loop ties through to secure your power, data or other types of cables and hold them in place.

ezytray installation with ties

Similarly, all steel and aluminium ladder products, including fittings have slots punched into their rungs that also give you an interface to hold down your cables with ties. The nature of the design of cable mesh allows for easy placement of ties along its length to help keep everything in place.

ladder with ties from underneath

mesh with ties

For added security, covers on linear type products when installed help keep the cable installation out of reach and add further protected from weather or other factors.