How to Join Multiple Lengths of Cable Tray Together

Oct 15, 2012 | | 0 Comments

The method used for joining multiple lengths of cable tray can be similar but can also be different to the method used for ladder. Whereas cable ladders are joined together using separate splice plates, trays such as the CT range of cable trays are simply bolted together. Joining lengths of cable duct together, or joining a length to a specific fitting is easy too, as ducting products are made with built in splices to again allow them to be bolted together for easy onsite joining.

The method to join the ET (including the ET3 and ET5) range of cable trays however is similar to ladder: Installed with 2 Splice Bolts and Coach Nuts each, the ETS (EzyTray Splice), ET3S (for the ET3) and the ET5S (for the ET5) join 2 lengths of tray by joining them on each side. Each of these splices are 180mm long, and are designed to work with the side rail height and profile of the trays that they are joining.

Remember, it is important always to use 2 splices per join.