Flat Plate Fittings

Feb 18, 2013 | | 0 Comments

Flat Plate Fittings make up a large part of the steel framing components of EzyStrut's strut range. They are made from merchant bar, with a 6mm material thickness, and generally supplied as hot dip galvanised products, but it is possible to get them in stainless steel too if required.

The fitting width is normally 40mm, and they are compatible with all 41mm wide strut, so any of EzyStrut's strut products.

All flat plate fittings come with pre made holes, and there is a range available to support sizes from M8-M16. Once installed, the fittings will allow insertion of other products onto strut, allow the connection of strut either straight or round a corner, and can offer lots of other useful applications in your strut installation.

EzyStrut manufactures a wide range of strut fittings, some examples below, for more information contact one of our Customer Service Officers.